7 Essential Tips for Staying Hydrated: How Much Water Do You Really Need?


In the sizzling heat of Dubai, hydration is essential. The hot weather, on the other hand, is vicious. Mild dehydration is quickly transformed into a significant threat. Depleting one’s energy while also developing severe health issues makes going outside a great danger. In such a situation, the Doctor on Call is a game-changer. Dehydration in Dubai’s warm environment getting out of hand?

 It’s simply a phone call away to obtain the necessary medical assistance. Tourists and locals alike obtain peace of mind and a sense of security having these services on hand. Whether you’re out in the deserts or shopping in the state’s finest luxury shopping centers, something is often about to happen. Do you require quick assistance? Doctor in Dubai may be found precisely wherever you are.

What is Hydration All About?

We are supplying all of the stuff needed to keep the body running right when we address hydration. Drink enough water to support life since every living cell in your body needs water to work. But how can we support other bodily functions if we can’t even get enough water, you ask? Well, if your body can’t pull off the basics, you can bet your body is starting to slip into a type of dehydration.

This can lead to a number of negative domino effects which include fatigue, dizziness and then actual health problems. How much water you need to drink depends on factors such as age, weight, climate, and activity level. There is no one size fits all, but a good goal for adults is to consume 8-10 cups per day. It should get you well on your way to drinking enough water and keeping your health up. After all, hydration is an important component of ensuring an efficient running mechanism within the human body.


7 Hydration Tips For Healthy Body 

We have to prevent dehydration now more than ever when our body is just over 7 to 9 hours without liquid passing through it. The very first thing you need in the morning is good hydration. 

You can turn it into a daily routine by placing a Glass Water by your side and morning you with a Glass of Water. 

Tip#1 – Infuse Water Into Your Daily Ritual

Wake up, drink water, brush your teeth.  Dubai has a variety of hydrating foods, such as cucumbers, watermelons, and oranges that you can also start eating as part of your meals. Add these into your meals and prepare to experience the tide go up! Why does this matter? They all have a high water and mineral content that offsets fluid balance.

Drink Up, Pre, During, and Post-Exercise Learning how to stay hydrated for your workout is critical. Hydrate before exercising to get your body ready. While Replenishing lost fluids during the workout Once completed, restore and replace everything you lost with your sweat.

Tip#2 – Know the Symptoms of Dehydration

Recognizing early dehydration symptoms is important as it is the ultimate prevention of dehydration-related long-term health problems. Thirst, dry mouth, weakness. If you are experiencing most or all of the symptoms, then contact our Doctor on Call for the best practice and quick treatment.

Tip#3 – Water Bottle Use

Use a water bottle as a Reminder. Owning a water bottle can be a game changer in the hydration lifestyle. How to get the most out of it?

Find a bottle that you like to be seen carrying around (which will greatly improve the chances you’ll put it to good use). Top it off once in the morning and empty it out by the end of the day.

Tip#4 – Stop Drinking Pro-diuretic Beverages

Did you know?  There are some drinks that actually dehydrate you! Caffeine and alcohol should be avoided. Opt for hydrating beverages like non-caffeinated herbal teas or fruit infusions in water instead!

Tip#5 – Water Intake Tracker Apps 

Journaling your water intake will ensure you are drinking the required amount of water. Embrace for emphasis because it awakens you to your consumption. And tracking can give you that little extra push to make sure you stay on pace with your hydration!

Dubai has a hot climate, so you may have to adjust your intake to more than 8 glasses of water per day. Also, adjust your intake on travel days or during illness, as your body will require more to deal with these.

Tip#6 – Add Flavor to Your Water

However, if plain water gets boring, you can flavor it with fruits/herbs/veggies and it goes down the same way. It can be as simple as cutting up lemons, limes, or cucumber or a few berries into your water bottle. Infuse the flavors into the water for at least 2 hours with the help of the spice blend. Flavoring makes the water tastier as well as adds vital vitamins and antioxidants to your water.

Tip#7- Hydrate Yourself

Armed with this knowledge of the science behind hydration. It can aid in motivating you to keep drinking water.  Water is a significant component in your body, which is used to adjust temperature and maintain organ function. But how does dehydration impact physical (and psychological) performance? You can act on this and drink as much water as necessary to improve your intake of water, you will be able to relate, each glass of water is beneficial for your body.

stay hydrated

A Sneaky Danger of Overhydration

Overhydration is more a hidden evil than dehydration, but it is just as deadly. It occurs when you drink too much water and the body cannot process it. And it leads to water intoxication or low sodium in the blood. Symptoms include nausea, headaches, disorientation, and in severe cases, seizures. Knowing a medical provider if you have these symptoms is important, but what if you are unable to go to a clinic?

This is when the role of “Doctor on Call in Dubai” services comes into play. All it takes is a call, and you hear from an expert healthcare professional who can offer the best advice right now. One tap on your phone is all it takes to turn to as you are home or on the go by using “on demand medical care,” providing extra ease and speed to be confident regarding your health. Don’t let it hit so hard, reach out soon, be well.

Wrapping Up!

Hydration is essential, so always have water and use these suggestions. If you need urgent assistance or this is an emergency, call [+971 4 576 0159]. Our doctor on Call is here to help. We are just a call away. No appointments are needed. Want more health tips? Visit us at  Easyhealthcare.ae. Please find out how our Doctor on Call makes healthcare delivery more convenient and dependable in Dubai. One-click connects you with a doctor anywhere, anytime.


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