Laboratory Test

Laboratory tests play a pivotal role in healthcare, assisting in diagnosis, treatment planning, effectiveness assessment, and disease monitoring. Regular testing at Easy Healthcare provides valuable insights, enabling early detection and intervention for potential health issues. This proactive approach ensures timely treatment and fosters long-term health management, enhancing overall well-being and quality of life.

  • Schedule an appointment for convenient at-home testing.
  • Skilled professionals arrive at your location for sample collection.
  • Receive prompt and reliable test results for informed decisions.
Laboratory Test

Easy Healthcare's At-Home Laboratory Testing

Experience seamless precision diagnostics and comprehensive testing with Easy Healthcare’s laboratory test services. 

Clinical Chemistry

Our Clinical Chemistry tests assess various chemical components in the blood, aiding in the diagnosis and monitoring of conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, and liver dysfunction.


Hematology tests analyze blood components, including red and white blood cells, platelets, and hemoglobin levels, providing valuable insights into conditions such as anemia, infections, and clotting disorders.

Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular Diagnostics utilize advanced techniques to detect genetic mutations, viruses, and bacteria at the molecular level, enabling precise diagnosis and personalized treatment plans for conditions such as cancer, infectious diseases, and genetic disorders.


Our Pathology services involve examining tissues, cells, and bodily fluids to diagnose diseases such as cancer, infections, and autoimmune disorders, guiding treatment decisions and prognosis assessment with accuracy and efficiency.

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