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Family Rights & Responsibilities

As a valued patient of Easy Healthcare, you and your family are entitled to the following rights:

  1. Receive a written copy of the Patient and Family Bill of Rights from the reception, registration office, or Communication and Customer Relations Office. If you require assistance or clarification, contact the administrative Officer or Communication and Customer Relations Office at +971 4 576 0159, including interpreter services if needed.
  2. Receive impartial care that respects your personal values and beliefs without discrimination, in accordance with DHA rules and regulations.
  3. Receive comprehensive medical care aimed at proper diagnosis and treatment of your illness or injury.
  4. Receive immediate care in emergency situations.
  5. Know the identity (name & specialty) of the physician responsible for your care.
  6. Receive understandable information about your diagnosis, proposed treatment, changes in health status, alternative treatments, probabilities of success or failure, therapy advantages and disadvantages, possible treatment-related problems, and expected results.
  7. Have access to an interpreter if language presents a barrier to understanding medical care details.
  8. Request the presence of a same-sex person during certain parts of a physical examination or procedure performed by a health professional of the opposite sex.
  9. Participate in care decision-making and treatment planning to the extent desired.
  10. Obtain medical reports and test results upon request, following DHA regulations.
  11. Enjoy privacy during examinations, procedures, and treatment, with confidentiality of information.
  12. Choose a treating doctor if available, and reject them with a valid reason.
  13. Refuse treatment after being informed of medical consequences, with documentation.
  14. Refuse examination or access to treatment details by unauthorized persons.
  15. Be protected from any form of assault during treatment.
  16. Receive information about organ donation processes if interested.
  17. Have a family member or guardian as an escort based on health status and DHA regulations.
  18. Receive explanations and arrangements if transferring to another care center.
  19. Receive an itemized bill upon request.
  20. Provide feedback or complaints through the Communication and Customer Relations Office.
  21. View medical records under supervision, following DHA regulations.
  22. Receive appropriate pain management.
  23. Be informed about and participate in relevant medical research, with the right to withdraw consent.
  24. Receive compassionate care for terminally ill patients, in accordance with DHA regulations.

As a patient and family member at Easy Healthcare, you have the following responsibilities:

  1. Adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the service provider.

  2. Demonstrate consideration for others by treating fellow patients and staff with respect.

  3. Respect the privacy and comfort of other patients.

  4. Provide thorough and accurate information regarding current complaints, past illnesses, previous hospitalizations and treatments, as well as any known allergies.

  5. Follow the instructions provided by your treating doctor.

  6. Provide written General Consent for treatment.

  7. Provide written informed consent before undergoing any minor surgery, anesthesia, or other procedures requiring consent, in accordance with DHA regulations. This includes being fully informed about the benefits, alternatives, and possible risks of the procedure.

  8. Accept responsibility for decisions regarding refusal or non-compliance with the treatment plan, after understanding the potential consequences.

  9. Attend appointments punctually and notify the Medical Records Section at least 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel.

  10. Recognize and respect the priority given to emergency cases.

  11. Adhere to safety regulations, including the no-smoking policy, maintaining cleanliness, and practicing hand hygiene.

  12. Fulfill any financial obligations promptly, if applicable.

  13. Provide requested samples and attend medical check-ups as scheduled.


At Easy Healthcare, we appreciate your cooperation in fulfilling these responsibilities to ensure a positive and effective healthcare experience for all.

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